My life is about telling stories.

My life is about telling stories and I’d like to thank you for coming here to find out mine. I won’t give you the full life story, just the bits that inspired the photographer I am today.

My passion for photography developed during my BA Honours in Journalism. I’ve always been interested in documentaries and photojournalism, finding myself intrigued by the way true stories are told. I’d watch with fascination as the person behind the camera built a relationship with his subject, drawing out the emotion and capturing it all on film. Journalism taught me how to tell a story with each photograph and I still use that training today.

After university I worked in finance where I learnt the value of strong customer service. I enjoyed providing a tailored package for my clients so I used this as a foundation for my business. I moved straight into photography full time as I was already behind the camera most weekends photographing portraits, events and travel locations. But it all changed after I was invited to photograph my first wedding. The experience was incredible and I found my true passion in photographing one specific thing; people.

Since then I’ve developed my personal style and still work hard to exceed the expectations of myself and my clients. Couples put so much of themselves into their wedding and I love being able to complete it with beautiful memories of their special day. My approach is different to most; I’m not just a guy in the corner, I get involved and socialise with guests to seek out those intimate moments that make weddings so joyful. I look for photos that make the album as unique and individual as the actual day.

When I’m not photographing weddings across the UK I spend time with my wife Chloe and our family at our home in Derby, though on weekends I’m often found doing what I love for people in love. It’s a special thing to make a career out of your passion and I’m grateful for every chance I get to make that happen. I photograph so much love and happiness when working with my couples, their friends and families and the best part for me is when they see those photographs and fall in love with them.

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