Eli & Natalie

“There are many Photographers in Houston and plenty to go around in Texas but what made Natalie and I hire Shaun Taylor and bring him in from the UK was more than the superior quality of his work.

We were told that with Shaun you could expect to have fun and be yourself. He will take many pictures (he took over 10,000 at 3 separate events) naturally Shaun captured classical moments and portraits and we are so happy to have them but, the real treasure is all the photos of us being natural.

He photographed our events as “emotions” and “moments”. I can’t believe all the shots he got. He was ready all the time, took the stress off of us and we had a great time.

The most fun part of the entire weekend (aside from the wedding) was when Natalie, Shaun and I did our pre wedding shoot.

Hiring Shaun was no doubt a Slam Dunk!!

Thanks! And a big thanks to Chloe for letting him come to Texas!

Can’t wait to have you back!”

Your pal Eli