First comes love.

It all starts with a promise: the engagement. Whether your engagement lasts only a few weeks, or more than a year - the engagement period is usually just as important to couples as the wedding day itself. It is during this time that you get to celebrate your love openly, and build up the excitement for the big day.

During the engagement, couples often like to do an engagement shoot. In most cases, we’ll go out and do something that you’ve suggested, like going out for cocktails, enjoying your favourite restaurant, or simply going out for a walk and a coffee. This way you can relax and enjoy yourselves in comfort whilst I photograph all the action, creatively documenting a special day leading up to your wedding.

Of course, if you like we can put some time aside for portraits throughout the day, but you’ll probably find that some of the portraits will happen without you even noticing.

Then comes marriage.

After months of careful planning, the special day finally arrives. The day starts with the bride’s preparation. To me, this is one of the most important parts: it’s where the wedding story starts. All types of emotions are going to be bouncing around, from joyful to stressful, happiness to nervousness. I aim to expose all of these, so when you look back through your photographs, you get to relive how you felt that day.

I like to get to the starting venue nice and early. It doesn’t mean I’m going to be firing off shots from GO! It just allows me to be able to have a chat with you, your family, friends and anybody else involved in the wedding day. You can get used to me being around. When you feel that you’re ready, I’ll start taking pictures.

When I finish photographing the bride’s preparations and move on to the next part of the day, depends on timings and distance between venues. Normally I need to leave a few minutes in advance of the bride leaving, to give me time to travel to the ceremomy location. So the last thing I tend to photograph is when you are fully ready... or as close to.

The ceremony.

This is what it’s all about. The main event. Nothing can be staged and there are no second chances. I’m pretty sure you don’t need any convincing, but if there was any reason to make sure you invest in a professional wedding photographer, then this is it.

All the emotions surface at this point. I like to see the smiles, the laughter and like everybody else, I love to see the odd tear.

In an ideal world I like to have the freedom to discreetly move around. I’m not going to be shuffling around as you say your vows, but maybe just change position during hymns or readings so that I can provide other creative elements to your wedding photography. However sometimes due to space restrictions or limitations set by the Officiants or Registrars, I may have to work within one area. If this is the case then I make the request to work discreetly from the front. It’s a privileged position to be in, allowing me to get the reactions of the Bride, Groom and guests.

What comes next?

A pause. When the ceremony is finished, it’s the first opportunity that your family and friends have to congratulate you and start the celebrations. I don’t want to get in the way of this. There’s plenty of time to take some family photos and portraits.

Take a few minutes for portraits.

It’s likely that you’re part of the 99.9% of the human population that doesn’t like having their picture taken. I’m pretty sure it’s only professional models who actually relish being in front of the camera. However, I feel that wedding photography is not complete without a portrait or two.

You don’t need hours on end to get some good portraits, just the opportunity to steal a few moments away from your guests. The feedback that I have had from my couples is that this is sometimes a welcome break and a good chance for them to have some time together.

I also like to do some portraits later on in the day, either at sunset or later still.

As your day continues...

One thing I always make my clients aware of, is that I have to make sure that the wedding photography requirements don’t make you late for your ceremony or for your wedding breakfast. This is why I go through timings with you in advance of your wedding day. The last thing you want to do is sit down to an overcooked or cold meal.

I don’t take pictures of people eating, it’s just not very attractive. I will however float about and keep myself busy. It’s also likely that I’ll take a short break and have something to eat in preparation for what is probably going to be a lively evening.

I like to work well into the evening, when all your family and friends are showing off their dance moves. You will definitely find me on the dance floor, risking receiving flying elbows to the face. It’s always worthwhile and a the photographs are a great addition to the wedding album.

After your wedding day.

A few days after your wedding, I’ll look to get a few previews available for you to view. After that you will receive your full edited images and slideshow set to music in a minimum of four weeks from your wedding day. You’ll be able to access the viewing gallery via the client access link on my homepage, but you’ll also get an email to let you know when they are ready.

For your privacy, the gallery will be password protected, but you can share the access details with your friends and family through email or social network sites.

Those with access will be able to purchase prints and products directly from the viewing gallery or you can contact me if you want to make an enquiry for bespoke products.

We will work together to design and create your perfect wedding album using only the best album suppliers. Your albums can be ordered up to 12 months after your wedding day with a deposit required before they go into design.

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